Momma Dee gets tooth fixed by ‘Married to Medicine’ star

Momma Dee - Tooth Cover

Momma Dee had quite the embarrassing moment earlier this month when her front tooth fell out on camera while she was performing her debut single “I Deserve” at her single launch party. Although Momma Dee took the shocking moment in stride, she recently took some time to get her tooth fixed by none other than “Married To Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Momma Dee revealed the news on her Twitter page yesterday afternoon, showing off a photo of her fixed tooth to her fans.

Momma Dee - Fixed Tooth Twitter Photo

Dr. Heavenly also shared photos of before and after photos of Momma Dee’s smile on her Twitter page.

Dr. Heavenly - Momma Dee Tooth Photo

Well, we’re glad that Momma Dee finally got her tooth taken care of and we hope there are no more dental mishaps in the palace. – nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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