Daniel Gibson blames the media for split with Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson - Cover

If you ask Keyshia Cole why she and Daniel Gibson have split up, she’ll likely tell you that it’s because of his infidelity. But according to Gibson, the problem wasn’t cheating; it was the media.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, Gibson talks about his pending divorce from Cole and claims that social media and the tabloids exacerbated their marital problems to the point where their marriage couldn’t be repaired.

“It’s a tough situation. If you’re going to be in a situation like that [a public relationship], you have to be ready and willing to deal with whatever comes with it,” Gibson said. “I feel like … in the media … it’s more publicized and glorified, the bad things that happen in a relationship. If something bad happens in anybody’s relationship and you’re in front of the public eye, it’s going to get blown way out of proportion. So if in your situation, you two are not just tied together like best friends, with the social media and everything these days, your problem can start going too far to the point where you can’t catch it.”

Gibson says that social media allowed angry fans to weigh in on their marital drama as well and add even more stress to their relationship.

“You’re going to start hearing what everybody else has to say because now everyone is so accessible due to social media. You never know what’s true and not true and these days, people tend to believe anything they’re told and anything that’s printed,” Gibson said.

As an example, Gibson claims that a so-called innocent photo that he took with a famous stripper from Houston was blown out of proportion by social media.

“The girl is actually from where I’m from. The strip club is one of the one’s in the hood that people go to comfortably. And yeah, I snapped a flick and everybody is like, ‘Oh, he’s in a relationship with a stripper,’ or ‘He’s spending money with a stripper.’ It becomes the truth no matter what you say or what you do about it because people are so influenced by the media these days that everything sticks. You gotta have tough skin. If you’re in a relationship, like I said, it becomes a war,” Gibson explained.

Well, media or no media, it doesn’t change the fact that Cole says she left Gibson because he cheated on her. And we figure there’s a lot less for the media to hound a celebrity about when they’re not doing something wrong outside of their marriage. – nicholas robinson



Nicholas Robinson
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