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Brittney Griner and ex-wife reach a settlement

Photo Credit: Glory Johnson’s Instagram (@missvol25)

Photo credit: Glory Johnson’s Instagram (@missvol25)

Last year, Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s high-profile romance started off on a sweet romantic note as the WNBA power couple got engaged. However, the romance soon began to go downhill over a pair of domestic violence arrests. And shortly after the two women wed, Griner ended up calling it quits on the marriage. Since then, the former couple has been in court battling over money, including how much Griner owes Johnson in child support. Now, reports have revealed that Griner and Johnson have finally come to an agreement about the child support payments.

As previously reported, Griner decided to try and annul her marriage to Johnson after only 28 days, claiming that she knew beforehand that she shouldn’t get married, but that Johnson pushed her to get married, even though they had both been arrested just weeks before at their Arizona home over a physical altercation between them.

Although Griner’s request for an annulment was denied, the drama continued because right before the split, as Johnson announced that she was pregnant with twins, Ava Simone and Solei Diem. However, after the split, Johnson claimed that she had no biological connection to the babies and that she was not financially responsible for them either.

According to media reports, months of battling in court came to an end recently when the former pair reached a settlement over child support payments. The pair reportedly appeared for a phone-hosted hearing on April 14 in Maricopa County Superior Court and it was eventually agreed that Griner will begin paying Johnson $2,516 in child support on May 1.

Besides paying child support, Griner, who was found to be making $1.1 million a year, agreed to be responsible for 90 percent of the twins’ medical expenses, or pay an extra $2,835 a month for two nannies. However, Griner’s childcare expenses will decrease in time as the twins grow older.

Griner will also reportedly have to pay Johnson $8,505 in back childcare payments.

Well, we’re glad that these two have finally brought an end to their court battle and settled on a dollar amount for child support. Perhaps now they can focus on the well-being of their two children instead fighting each other.

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    Sometimes we get what we ask for.