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Larenz Tate faces lawsuit


In yet another case of a celeb’s business manager not properly managing their business … or their accountant not accurately accounting, actor Larenz Tate looks to be in a bit of hot water with American Express.

The Chicago native, who currently stars as Dr. Alex Burke on the USA network’s show “Rush,” is being sued for nonpayment by the credit card company giant.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, American Express says they have sent multiple notices to the Love Jones actor in regards to the nearly $58,000 in charges on his account and have yet to receive a response or a single payment. Thus far, neither Tate nor a spokesperson on his behalf have addressed the allegations.

Tate is currently on location filming a new movie called White Water.

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  1. MISSYCAT(UBESTIABELIEVEIT on September 29, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Pay up pretty boy that’s all I got to say one more other thing cuz you know how they always trying to nail us black folks for any and everythang they wanna find Something wrong so just pay up those (((dead presidents))) and then they won’t have nothing else to say because they are always trying to be petty about situations it just makes me sick, I love you Lorenzo tate