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Jackie Christie reveals major crack in her marriage



Besides being the star villain on “Basketball Wives LA,” Jackie Christie has also gained fame throughout the years for her long-lasting marriage with former NBA star Doug Christie, which she claims to keep fresh by renewing her vows with him every year. And although the couple seem to be deeply in love with each other on TV, Jackie recently admitted that Doug almost left her last year over a nude photo.

In an interview with TMZ, Jackie spoke about a topless nude photo of herself that she leaked online this past June and she explains that Doug was so mad about the leak that he almost left her.

“My husband almost left me,” Jackie explained.

“I was Instagramming a picture … I had sent Doug the picture before, like a year ago,” Jackie added, explaining that she was attempting to add a filter to the image when “it posted on accident.”

Jackie goes on to say that she and Christie were on bad terms for some time after that.

“Doug was pissed,” she said. “I was in the dog house for at least a week.”

Well, considering all of the drama that being on “BBW LA” has brought into their marriage already, we can see why a nude leak would add extra strain on their romance. Luckily for Jackie, Doug decided to stay.

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  1. MISSYCAT(UBESTIABELIEVEIT on September 30, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    I saw this coming because they was trying to set a trend saying that getting married every year will keep their marriage together and that is not so which seem very very weird to me obviously you can see that getting married every year is not the solution for a marriage to stay together the solution and the answer is you got to love each other respect each other be there for each other in all of the above and the things Jackie Christie did was very crazy and wicked she lied and talk about people behind their backs she was supposed to set an example for all the young ladies that was on the show but she didn’t she ended up being a villain and the most hated and she was like the oldest one of them all something like a grandma lol it got so crazy that her kids get involved in it and it went way left instead of her concentrating on her marriage she was all up in people business stirring up trouble as usual which is the outcome of a failed marriage any possibly failed reality show very soon it’s a sad situation but is very true, because I watched Basketball Wives La and that show also very weird and also didn’t have basketball wives on their most of them was married and most of them wasn’t married if you going to name a show like Basketball Wives Hollywood exes in Atlanta exes it should keep up with the names of the shows not have some different on the actual when it airs on TV here’s another show vh1 drop the ball on too.