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1st photo of Dallas nurse with Ebola

Nina Pham
Ebola is not going away anytime soon in the U.S.

Nina Pham, 26, is fighting for her life. She was on the medical team that treated Liberia native, Charles Duncan, 45, who passed away on October 8 recently from the deadly Ebola virus at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital.

Pham admitted herself to the hospital when her temperature spiked on Friday. Doctors have announced she’s “clinically stable” and definitely has the deadly Ebola virus. She is being treated in an isolation ward.

Duncan, who was known as patient zero, passed away after complications of Ebola and was suspected of bringing the virus to the U.S. knowingly when he arrived from Monrovia on September 19.  We’ve learned in his last days, Duncan suffered with explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting, which left him begging for diapers.

The hospital’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Dan Varga, confirms all staff followed CDC recommended precautions – “gown, glove, mask and shield” – while treating Duncan, but surmise the point of contact may have come when Pham removed her clinical armor.

Ebola victims suffer chronic diarrhea and bleeding, with blood and feces being the most infectious bodily fluids.

Duncan, underwent two surgical procedures considered particularly high-risk for transmitting the Ebola virus – kidney dialysis and intubation to help him to breathe – due to the spread of blood and saliva.

Nurse Bonnie Castillo, the hospital’s head nurse, has criticized the CDC for pointing the finger at Pham for breach of protocol when treating Duncan.



  1. butterbeanbabe on October 13, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    yes that is just wrong on all levels for even bring up the fact she may have taken a glove off ,hell oviously they dont know if it was contracted that way anyway so why point fingers it could have been some blood on her clothes she didnt handle properly … some time we dont think in situations and it could be one move she made ..bless her heart she doesnt deserve to die trying to save this man … who knows how many other storys will be coming this is a national outcry .. our children are in grave danger ….. i smell a rat on this issue someone is covering the real way this virus can be contracted what if it is air borne and it only hits one person in close proximity … that is possible .. im not convience she removed her gloves
    man another victim!

  2. butterbeanbabe on October 15, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    why is it this asian chick , is improving and the black man died , now there is a black female who got it ,.and why is she being flown back to atlanta today ? after she flew to dallas? and told them she had it why atlanta with all the black population there and gays god know if one of them gays get it every body in the city will get it REMEMBER THAT IS HOW HIV GOT SPREADED SO FAST GAY MEN .. SO FAR NO GAY MEN HAVE GOT IT BUT THEY SOME NASTY BED HOPPING SUCKERS AND THEY DONT GIVE A DAM BOUT DIEING EITHER .. so i smell a rat bringing that sister to atlanta >?