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Ob-Gyn Dr. Drai pens 20 things women need to know about their ‘V’

Dr. Drai

Let’s be honest, a visit to your Ob-Gyn isn’t what anyone would call an ideal method of intimacy.

In fact, it can be somewhat weird and uncomfortable opening up to someone other than your family or significant other about what’s going on in the most private areas of your body. The atmosphere can be intimidating with those dreadful examinations and personal health questions you have to answer. It simply isn’t common to encounter an Ob-Gyn with the ability to make you feel at ease enough to consider them your friend.

However, Dr. Drai, coined “America’s Ob-Gyn” by his followers on social media, does just that.

Dr. Drai earned his doctorate of osteopathic medicine degree from The Ohio University and has been an Ob-Gyn for more than 10 years. Along with his work as an Ob-Gyn, he has also made inroads as a media personality. The aspiring talk show host, who many jokingly refer to as the “black Dr. Oz” has no problem spilling the medical tea. His likable personality doesn’t only shine through in the medical office, he also conducts sex therapy sessions.

The first and only doctor in his family has his grandmother to thank for exposing him at an early age to the medical field. He would often accompany her on her cleaning trips to doctor’s homes. It was during that time when he listened to a heartbeat with a stethoscope that he fell in love with the profession of medical work.

When asked about the Atlanta-based reality TV series “Married to Medicine,” he replied with laughter.

“I am married to medicine! To like, student loans and all of that stuff,” Dr. Drai said.

He has his own YouTube web series in the works titled “Medical T Live” that tapes in Chicago. Having established a large and growing amount of patients all over the country, the author of 20 Things You Need To Know About Your Vagina is surely on the rise to making his way onto our television screens.

You can follow Dr. Drai on Twitter and Instagram at @DrDraiOBGYN. His Facebook page is Dr. Drai, and his book is available for download from

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