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Maury Povich offers his services to Omarion


Maury Povich advises Omarion to take a paternity test

Although Omarion did his best to stomp rumors that he is not the father to his newborn son Megaa, the story takes a surprising twist when Maury Povich, best known for his televised paternity tests, offered his services to the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reality star.

As previously reported, rumors circled earlier this week that Omarion and Apryl Jones had called it quits after O’s mother Leslie, questioned the paternity of the baby Megaa.



But for some fans, one being Povich in particular, it wasn’t enough! To truly diffuse rumors of the alleged affair, Povich urged Omarion to take an on-screen paternity test.

Povich reached out to the former B2K star via Instagram saying…


Omarion has yet to respond to Povich’s advances. If you ask us, while a stunt like taking a live paternity test may be good for ratings, it may cause a major rift in the young couples relationship. How do you think O will respond? – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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  1. butterbeanbabe on October 25, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    NO HE want do it , then again he is a male nene leaks all inlove with reality tv cause aint nothing else going on to make money when is the last record omarion did>? really a has been . so he should go on maurys show that will be so dam funny cause ole girl apry will be so dam madd when omarian find out that baby is not his … these girls be lieing and sleeping with everybody to get a meal ticket , her an omarian really had not been together that long before she got pregnant , she is a pretty girl but dam KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED BOTCH … ALL THESE BABYS OUT HERE WITH NO DADDY IS ENOUGH ALREADY .. now you gonna have to get on your back with the pimps to feed that baby ..cause you tried to play a player