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Music » Arrest warrant issued for Lil’ Twist

Arrest warrant issued for Lil’ Twist


A Los Angeles court has officially issued an arrest warrant for Lil’ Twist, real name Christopher Lynn Moore, for his involvement in last week’s brutal attack on Nickelodeon star Christopher Massey.

As previously reported, Twist, Massey and others were hanging out at a Los Angeles pad located near The Grove when an argument broke out. The disagreement quickly escalated into a brawl resulting in Massey seeking treatment at a hospital nearby. After assaulting Massey, Twist and his crew allegedly removed Massey’s pants as he laid there in pain and robbed him.

Per the press release, Massey’s attorney, Courtney M. Coates Esq., says “Chris is still recovering from the shock and injuries suffered after five men broke into his home, robbed, and assaulted him.”

Los Angeles authorities have since launched a full investigation to identify the other perpetrators.

In a statement released by Massey’s family, they revealed that the young actor plans to “legally pursue this [the assault] to the full extent of the law.” – ruu hawkins/@ruubabie