KKK Grand Wizard appears on MSNBC, promises violence in Ferguson

KKK Flier

The face of the KKK is not afraid to take off the hood and promise violence. What is surprising was the fact that the Grand Wizard of the “Traditionalists American Knights of the KKK” was appearing on MSNBC making shadowy threats of “use of lethal force” in Ferguson, Missouri.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes had as a guest Frank Ancona, leader of the group, this past week on his show “All In,” Ancona spoke about his contacts with local police and their friends who claim to have been threatened by protesters in Ferguson. The KKK group has been distributing fliers in the St. Louis and Ferguson area threatening violence to “peaceful protesters,” whom they see as the real criminals.

These fliers read in part, “You have been warned by the Ku Klux Klan … There will be consequences for your actions.” Similar fliers have appeared in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago and in parts of Florida and are part of a national trend by the KKK to recruit new members.

The video of the show can be seen below:

[jwplatform HeKqG64M]

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