Mac Miller on signing with a major and ‘existing only on the Internet’


Mac Miller was an indie rap darling — then the kid from Pittsburgh inked a lucrative $10 million deal with Warner Bros last month. Miller recently explained why he thought the time was right to make the leap to a major.

“I don’t want to exist solely on the Internet,” he told THE FADER. “I think what it was for me was [it was] time to take the next step and experience what that’s like and what it is and what’s going to happen. Doing it on the independent level and taking it as far as we did is amazing … I think it just makes sense for where I’m at right now [and] where I could possibly go.”

Mac says that he’s focused on maintaining creative control, regardless of who’s writing the checks.

“I’m trying to not let [the deal] factor in,” he said. “I’ve held on and been independent and done my own thing long enough that they trust me and are going to let me make what I want to make. I think that the second I let that affect the creation, it’s horrible.”

The Warner Bros deal is both a platform for Mac Miller’s music, but also his REMember Music imprint, which will sign and develop artists in a partnership with Warner Bros.

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