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White rappers who have made some waves

white rappers

There have been plenty of white rappers to hit the scene, but only few make major waves. As the blonde, Australian Iggy Azalea won an AMA for her hip-hop album over Drake and Eminem, we couldn’t help but to think about the other popular white rappers on the scene. In the most recent years, we have seen white rappers plucked from obscurity and placed in front of the mainstream’s attention only to be ditched and forgotten about when the next pop hit comes along. While stars like Fergie and Eminem are now embraced in hip-hop history, Macklemore experienced much backlash as he won a Grammy over lyricist Kendrick Lamar. Will other white rappers be able to make it through or crash and burn like the lot? Take a look at a few more white rappers that have caught the eye of hip-hop.