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Jennifer Lee Harrison is helping women transform their look with Perfect Hair

Jennifer Lee Harrison

Jennifer Lee Harrison is a leading entrepreneur, innovator, and educator particularly for women of color. Plus she knows a thing or two about looking fabulous.

In her role as CEO of Perfect Hair Collection, here she offers tips on buying fabulous hair, a solution for bad hair days, thinning hair and quick fixes for women on the go or for the girl who simply wants a new look including long, thick and/or curly hair.

“We cut the hair from the center of the woman’s head because that’s where the healthiest part of the hair is,” shares Harrison on what sets her brand apart. “[These characteristics] prevent the hair from tangling, matting and shedding … and it’s reusable,” says the serial entrepreneur, who is also the CEO of Shape Me Perfect.

The hair types range from Indian, which is thin, fine and light texture, and Brazilian, which is full and thick texture, to blend and match with your hair texture.

“Perfect Hair Collection is designed for women looking for high quality hair at an affordable price. When I designed this line, I kept in mind what women were looking for – to look great all the time – and have the flexibility to have length, volume and color,” she explains. “They want hair that looks natural.”

Harrison has traveled to Asia, including, China and India, and Europe as part of research and education when developing her brand.

Harrison, who took a leap of faith and left corporate America to start her company, earned her MBA at the University of Maryland.

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