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Jasmine Burke stars in ‘Skinned,’ a new film directed by LisaRaye


Jasmine Burke

Jasmine Burke is an actress on the rise, her latest project, Skinned, features the directorial debut of actress LisaRaye.

“Society has warped her mind into thinking she needs to bleach her skin to be accepted,” Burke said of Jolie, the character she plays.

“These types of roles don’t come along for actors period, but especially for a Black actress, a young rising Black actress, so I am honored to be chosen to play this role,” she said.

Burke had great things to say about the Skinned director. “Lisa is definitely a gem … she’s so grounded and a salt-of-the-earth kind of a spirit. She did a very great job directing. She has a gift.”

In a short period of time, Burke has accomplished a lot and worked with big names, none bigger than Kevin Hart, who she had a chance to work with in “Ride Along. “He was funny even when the cameras were not running,” she said with a laugh

Burke worked with another comedic legend, Martin Lawrence, in Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son. “Martin is a legend in every sense of the world,” she says, and she was inspired by watching him and how much he enjoys his craft, adding that he inspired her to “enjoy the moment, enjoy my family, enjoy my friends.”

Burke is an intelligent, educated woman who knows that longevity in the industry is usually for people who create behind the scenes, which is part of the inspiration for her launching Jasmine Burke Productions.

“Early on in my acting career I really was curious and fascinated by the production of everything, how they worked, why it worked. Luckily, I have a real gift for being a writer and a problem solver, which is basically what a producer is,” she said.

Follow Burke on Instagram and Twitter @thejasmineburke and if you reach out to her, don’t be surprised to hear back. “I talk back when I have downtime, I enjoy responding,” she says, before adding, “thank you guys for wanting to interview me. I’ve been reading rolling out for years and now I get to finally be in it.”


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