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Love tip day 8: Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Dr. Nicole


Valentine’s Day is Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. Whether you have a mate or are enjoying living single, you’ll appreciate this relationship advice from success strategist Dr. Nicole LaBeach.

Tip No. 7: Clean House … Look around, it’s time to do a quick inspection. Are there people, places, and things that endanger the love you desire or have in your life? Are you still hanging on to toxic thoughts, feelings, and situations that affect your ability to give and receive love? It’s time to free yourself and abandon what’s weighing you down. Clean up, kick out, forgive, release, and do whatever is necessary to move toward the love you deserve for yourself and your partner.

Dr. Nicole LaBeach is a success strategist who has changed the lives of all who dared to strive for their personal best. She represents a new generation of life, relationship, and executive coaches. Dr. Nicole is the CEO of Volition Enterprises Inc., a premier personal and professional development firm. Please visit her website:

Love tip day 7: Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Dr. Nicole