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Former Cash Money rapper Turk gives the label an ultimatum


The annual Mardi Gras celebration isn’t the only thing currently turning up the heat in New Orleans.

Former Hot Boy member Turk has drawn a line in the sand in regard to his million-dollar lawsuit against his former label Cash Money Records. The “It’s In Me” rapper recently issued an ultimatum to the storied label.

According to AllHipHop, Turk has filed a new motion requiring the defendants of his lawsuit, Cash Money and Money Mack Music, to respond to his previous lawsuit within 21 days or face dire consequences.

“If they don’t answer by March 11, it will be declared a default judgement,” Turk told AllHipHop.

The motion, if successful, could have huge ramifications for Cash Money and other artists such as Juvenile and Lil Wayne, who have previously taken the label to task for alleged funny money dealings.

In addition to Turk’s lawsuit, the label also is dealing with star artist Lil Wayne attempting to leave the label, as well as Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince and son, Jas Prince, seeking substantial monetary awards for setting Drake up to sign with the label.