Isaiah Washington tells Chris Rock to ‘adapt’ to racial profiling


Earlier this week, Chris Rock caused a firestorm of racial talk when he posted the latest in series of Instagram photos of himself being pulled over by police within the last two months. As expected, many Black fans and celebrities empathized with Rock and were outraged. However, actor Isaiah Washington made headlines when he told Rock that he should “adapt” to racial profiling to prevent himself from being pulled over.

The drama began on Wednesday when Washington tweeted his “adapt” message to Rock.

Chris Rock - Pulled Over Instagram

Isaiah Washington - Chris Rock Adapt Tweet

It didn’t take Black Twitter long to notice Washington’s message and they quickly fired back at the actor for instructing Rock to change himself or his lifestyle in order to prevent himself from being a victim of racism or racial profiling.

Questlove - Isaiah Washington Response

Washington responded to his critics, saying that they were twisting his words.

Isaiah Washington Responds To Black Twitter

Washington then announced that he’d be clarifying his words in an interview with Don Lemon, who, ironically, has often been blasted by the Black community for promoting assimilation and Black stereotypes.

Isaiah Washington Announces Don Lemon Interview

Read what Washington had to say in his interview with Lemon after the cut.

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