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Rachel Roy calls cops on Dame Dash for kidnapping daughter from nail salon

Rachel Roy holding strong promoting Girl PowerRachel Roy claims she called the police because Damon Dash was not sending their daughter to school and she accused him of kidnapping the girl from a nail salon. Dash claimed it can’t be kidnapping when you are the dad.

Roy has been trying to revoke Dash’s visitation privileges for the past few months claiming he is an unfit father, he still gets high all the time around the kids (in the house) and she’s reportedly alleging Dash is a drug addict with a history of domestic violence. This news is all according to court documents.

Dash believes Roy is using their children as a pawn in order to get the upper hand and make some type of power move on him. Even though Dash went on “The Breakfast Club” and claimed, “Real men don’t listen to social media,” he has been on social media keeping us very informed. Check out a few of his IG and tweets

“Using the kids to get back at the fathers does nothing positive for the kids,” the former hip-hop mogul wrote on Instagram yesterday. “Crazy how hard I’ve had to fight to be a good dad with emotional women … The math just doesn’t add up to me … but I will always fight to make sure my kids have a mother and a father but it’s the most non logical [sic] fight on the planet.”

Two weeks ago – IG

“If anybody speaks to Rachel_roy can you ask her why she is keeping my daughters away from me i know such a classy woman would never do something as distasteful as that unless advised by a low life scum bag lawyer like donell Suarez Rachel please don’t get caught up in this dude trying to separate me from my family so he can get paid but if I have to this will be a public fight and I’m going to tell the truth and you guys will not be making me look like a bad father so yall can get more money…I’m sick of these games…Barry Rutcofsky is another scum bag lawyer I’m gonna make famous for f— wit my family.”

Hopefully, Dash and Roy will pull it together for the sake of the children and reach some type of happy medium. Emotions seem to be high on both sides.

What do you think? Was Roy overreacting when Dash picked up his daughter from the nail shop?





  1. britishrose on April 3, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    dear dash at no point with out court orders do you pick up a kid from anywhere , when in the middle of a custody battle , cause the judge will eventually see you as unstable , we know lawyers are backstabbers , and roy got plenty money from her fashion business and connections , and dash you better lawyer up and shut up .. cause social media now days is better to ruin than to help ask the many celeb who lost due to twitter rants, sovaugh wade one of them .. she lost all her kids to a dead beat cheating lying , crackbaby dwade , so be careful letting anger consum responsiblitiy twitter and instagram is suicide

    • Qua on April 4, 2015 at 8:05 am

      You were doing fine til you spoke about D.Wade you need to stop reading social media and get your facts straight before trying to bash him. To end that to claim he’s a bad father bc he cheated hmmm that has nothing to do with his fathering skills if that’s the best you can come up with! If that’s the case there’s noooo good fathers bc every guy has cheated. So shut that up and know the facts! Lol

  2. Angela Arrington on April 4, 2015 at 10:12 am

    She wasn’t overreacting if he took the child without her knowing! In the end if you don’t want the cops called on you then don’t do something that someone can call the cops for. It is not your time with the children thing you need to make arrangements to see the kid now if that’s what you really want to do have the discussion with the other parent, don’t just go take the child because it’s your child, once the courts involved it does not work that way. You have a visitation schedule. Or whatever you’ve worked out legally, stick to it.

    • Guest on April 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm

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    • genovelle on April 4, 2015 at 10:07 pm

      Why was the child alone at the nail salon in the first place?