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Reality TV » ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Mendeecees Harris pleads guilty to drug charges, faces long prison term

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Mendeecees Harris pleads guilty to drug charges, faces long prison term

Photo credit: Mendeecees Harris' Instagram (@mendeecees)

Photo credit: Mendeecees Harris’ Instagram (@mendeecees)


Yandy Smith Harris is just not going to get any shortcuts when it comes to proving her love to longtime boyfriend Mendeecees Harris. Days after the announcement of her wedding date on the reunion show of “Love & Hip Hop” New York; Mendeecees pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. He could face up to 10 years in prison and receive a fine up to 5 million dollars. Harris is currently out on a $600,000 bail and does not have to appear back in court until his Aug. 31 sentencing date.

Yandy and Mendeeces  Harris Photo credit: @yandysmithharris Instagram

Yandy and Mendeecees Harris (Photo credit: @yandysmithharris Instagram)


If I know my Yandy, she is staying prayed up. We know Mendeecees was awaiting his day in court and pleading guilty was probably his safest and least expensive route than trying to fight the charges and paying lawyer’s fees. It’s highly doubtful this incident will put a damper on Yandy’s wedding date nor a dent in her daily wedding plans. Quiet as it’s been kept, I am thinking Yandy is already married and they (VH1) have simply picked a date to allow viewers to share in the whole wedding experience of this highly anticipated union.

No one can deny that Yandy seems her happiest when she is in the arms of her love and the father of her children. However, many are wondering of Yandy will wait for Mendecees if he does get sentenced to a decade behind bars. My vote is she would definitely try to stick it out. Time will tell.

What do you think? Should Yandy postpone her wedding until Mendeecees is sentenced? You can’t help but to ask, what would  “Being Mary Jane’s” Mary Jane do? Mendeecees should just thank his lucky stars that Yandy is no Mary Jane.

yandy smith harris - photo instagram @yandysmithharris

Yandy Smith Harris (Photo credit: Instagram @yandysmithharris)