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DJ Young Music on his rise to hip-hop stardom

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For the average 18-year-old, goals and aspirations are only a mere thought. In his interview with rolling out magazine, DJ Young Music talks about some of his accomplishments, balancing school work, industry endeavors and more.

What inspired you to come up with the name, DJ Young Music?

When I first started deejaying, I started on the classic records. Stuff like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, etc. So “Young Music” came from me wanting to play music for the younger crowd because I used to be like, “Man I want to play my type of music,” and not so much of the other stuff.

How do you balance being an honor-roll student and a successful DJ?

I pre-plan everything out, If there’s certain things that need to be done by a due date, I’ll do those things way in advance so that I don’t have to worry about them and be able to make time and travel. Right now, I’m on three radio stations so I don’t have a lot of time to work with so honestly, planning is the key.

Where did this ambition of wanting to be, “the next Diddy,” come from?

Actually, I didn’t even say that. The media started portraying me as, the next Diddy, by my work-ethic and my whole persona. Everything that’s going on has never been seen before and it’s hard enough to even get on the radio, but being 18 years old and doing all of these things, they had no one to compare me to so the only person that they could come up with is Sean Combs.

What was it like being on REVOLT TV? 

It was a little different. It wasn’t my first time on TV Djing, but REVOLT was more up my alley, style wise so I was able to show the world what DJ Young Music is all about. Also within the next few months, I will be back on REVOLT TV as well so that I can show my growth and progress from the first time when I premiered on the show.

Even though you’ve covered so much ground at such a young age, what has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I would say my biggest accomplishment was getting on the radio. My first time spinning live on WPGC wasn’t an easy thing. Most people don’t even get on the radio until they’re into their late 20s, so for me to be able to get on the radio at 18, in a major market definitely made me feel as though I had made it. I also would say never take anything for granted because time will pass, so for me, I don’t try to focus on what’s going on right now, I try to focus on the future.

How did you feel when you were on “Sway in the Morning”?

I honestly never expected to be on “Sway in the Morning,” Coming up in the game, he was one of the guys who I listened to so being on his show was a major blessing. Also, Sway’s personality is different. Having all of the success that he’s had, he still is a very humble and down to earth person through it all.

What’s next for DJ Young Music?

I entered in the MAD DJ competition. The winners will be announced on May 7 as well and the competition is sponsored by Scream Nation. I also have some Chris Brown tour dates coming up in June along with Sevyn Streeter and Omarion. And also my artists Frank Benz Da-Rai have singles out that are doing very well. Lastly, I want to break a few female artists and DJs because quite often, they don’t get the recognition that they deserve so I’m definitely interested in breaking more female artists over the next few months.

Check out his, “Sway in the Morning” mix right here:

By: Andre Ellington

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