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Fit Fridays with Holly Lowe Jones: 3 tips for a naturally shapely booty

Photo : Powell Photography courtesy of
Photo: Powell Photography courtesy of

Long gone are the days when women complained about their butts being too big.

As demonstrated by Kim Kardashian (and now apparently her sisters as well), Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and a growing number of others, big (and sometimes fake) butts are now a part of pop culture. Like it or not, a big round backside is now officially the “in” thing.

While it’s debatable just how big one’s behind should be, most people agree that a toned, apple-shaped butt is sexy and attractive.

Here are three steps to tightening and plumping your tush the natural way:

  1. Do regular strength training routines for the lower bodyIt is impossible to create tight, round gluteus (butt) muscles if you do not increase the muscle mass in that area through performing weight-bearing exercises. My favorites are squats, lunges, dumbbell donkey kick lifts, step-ups, dead-lifts, and pilates mat work. If you are a beginner, I recommend starting without weights and using your own body weight as resistance. For intermediate or advanced levels, use dumbbells or resistance bands for as many sets as possible. Perform all of these exercises in one session as you can. You’ve got to push yourself if you want to see results.
  2. Do regular cardio – The more aerobic exercise you do, the better. If you are strength-training regularly and eating enough lean protein, you will not have to worry about losing whatever semblance of a butt you already have. I recommend running, biking, stair-climbing and swimming for creating a fabulous rear end. Not only do these exercises specifically target the glutes, but they are great at burning fat, which is necessary if you desire the beautiful shape created by these lovely muscles.
  3. Follow the 80/20 rule in your diet plan – Getting the cellulite-free, shapely booty that you lust after will never happen if you are eating a diet high in fat, starchy carbs and sugar. It is no different than trying to achieve the coveted six-pack abs. Eating a clean diet high in protein and green vegetables, and consuming enough water are essential to developing a tight tush. Be realistic with yourself, and don’t allow yourself to indulge anytime you want to. If you eat properly 80 percent of the time and do regular resistance and cardiovascular exercise, you will reveal the butt you want.

Photo : Powell Photography courtesy of

If you are consistent and committed to following these tips, you will see results in as little as a few weeks. Stick to it for more than a year and you can literally create the booty you thought you’d never have!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Holly Lowe Jones is a media professional, fitness expert, and ISSA-certified personal trainer. A member of the National Association for Health and Fitness, Jones is also a seasoned triathlete who competes in her spare time.

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Instagram and Twitter: HollyLoweJones

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