Rapper claims Drake dissed Madonna after their kiss

Photo Credit: Drake's Instagram (@champagnepapi)
Photo credit: Drake’s Instagram (@champagnepapi)

Drake and Madonna’s kiss is still considered one of the most awkward moments in pop history this year, although Drake, who recoiled in disgust after the kiss, had nothing but nice things to say about Madonna after the bad kiss made headlines. The original “Material Girl” went on to bash Drake in a viral video. Well, now it appears that Drake had some harsh words for Madonna as well because fellow rapper Daylyt claims Drake called her a “pterodactyl.”

Battle rapper Daylyt, who is known for his outrageous publicity stunts and antics, recently sat down for an interview with Vlad TV and he claims that Drake called him after the kiss and told him it was horrible.

“I know what he feels because he called me afterward,” Daylyt said. “He was like, ‘Son, have you ever kissed a f—— 6 million-year-old pterodactyl?’ He said that’s what it was equivalent to.”

“I smelled fossils when I kissed her,” Daylyt claims Drake told him.

Daylyt/YouTube Screenshot

But the disses didn’t end there. Daylyt went on to claim that Drake compared her to kissing a dead body.

“He said it was bad, man. He said Madonna smelled like an old carcass. He said she smells like she died. He said she smells like a zombie,” Daylyt claims.

Daylyt then went on to threaten Madonna over bashing Drake.

“Madonna, don’t you ever disrespect my man like that, my n—-. I’ll break your f—— neck. That ain’t a girl, he a man. But he light-skinned, though. You gotta cut him some slack,” Daylyt said.

Well, this definitely seems like another publicity stunt from Daylyt, but what can you expect from a man who once claimed he’d sleep with Diddy and also attempted to defecate onstage during a battle?

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