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Big Boi reveals how artists can record at studios around the world with Converse Rubber Tracks

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Photo credit: Converse Rubber Tracks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the same space where legendary songs and albums have been recorded by some your favorite artists? Every aspiring artist or producer has dreamed of this very feat, and now Converse is offering the opportunity for dreams to become a reality for up-and-coming artists across the globe.

Converse Rubber Tracks is a new program that will enable artists to record original music at 12 of the most exclusive studios in the world. The program will last over a two-week period, and also it will span across eight different countries on four continents.

Global registration for the program began on May 26 and it will continue through June 24. During the online application-submission process, applicants will be required to include their top three studio preferences, and also a short artist biography via video or written application. Individuals selected will be notified in early July, and after an extensive planning session with the producers at each studio, the artists will travel to the studio of their choice in September. Travel and accommodations will be covered by Converse.

The studios that will be participating include:

Sunset Sound in Los Angeles

The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada

Studios 301 in Sydney

Stankonia Studios in Atlanta

Abbey Road Studios in London

Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin

Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica

Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland

Avast Recording Co. in Seattle

Toca De Bandido in Rio de Janerio

Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Boston and Brooklyn, New York.

Six-time Grammy Award-winning musician Stephen Marley had this to say about his experience at Tuff Gong: “This sound, this spirit, this energy that comes out of Tuff Gong, is special. As an artist that aspires to be the best you can be, these things is such a great push, such a great inspiration. Going into a studio that’s alive, that has a soul, that has a spirit within the studio, because of the spirits that passed through and leave them resonance. It’s definitely going to be influenced by that and is going to be a part of you. You’re going to build on this experience and it’s going to be part of your foundation forever.”

Big Boi from the legendary group, OutKast, shared his experiences while working at Stankonia: “Stankonia is what we like to call the place where all the funky things come from. Everything’s been touched or recorded here in some way. From, “The Way You Move,” to “Hey Ya,” “Ms. Jackson,” to “So Fresh, So Clean” — all of the hits. All of the things that have happened in this space, you get a chance to get some of that. We got everything you need right here. The only thing you gotta do is bring your sound and come ready to work — we gonna see what you got.”

Application here: 

andre ellington 



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