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Actress Gail Bean debuts in ‘Unexpected’

Photo courtesy: 135stagency

Gail Bean is a Broadway actress and writer who starred in in The Special Project (2013) and Duffle (2014). This year, the 22-year-old beauty is set to star in the Sundance hit Unexpected alongside Cobie Smulders (Avengers: Age of Ultron). The indie film follows the controversial story of a teacher and student who simultaneously discover they are pregnant during the school year. You can catch the film in both select theaters and on-demand/iTunes on July 24.

Unexpected was a total success at Sundance back in January, but the real kicker was the critics raving on Bean’s phenomenal performance. The Hollywood Reporter listed her as one of the top 10 “Festival Breakout” stars. “To be recognized with so many talented young people was such an honor for me,” she says. Now, it may seem like this starlet is gaining overnight success, but let’s just say her feet got wet a little bit earlier in the industry than you may have expected.

The Georgia native got her first taste of the spotlight at age five, taking the role as Tommy Ford’s illegitimate daughter in the feature film At Mamu’s Feet. Bean’s love for performing carried forward as she graced the stage playing the adolescent Lena Horne off-Broadway. “I always new that I wanted to become an actress; I was just waiting for my moment to shine,” she says. With the continuous support of her mentors Rodney Perry and Lalanya, Bean decided to pursue acting full-time.

After finishing undergrad at Valdosta State University where she received a degree in accounting, Bean advanced her studies abroad in Europe to concentrate on her craft. “I love to travel. My dream is to take all of my close friends to Europe,” she says.

This young lady is all about living the Hollywood dream, but she stresses the importance of having a plan B. “My mom always said I could follow my passion for acting, but made sure getting my education was my first priority,” she mentions.

The star currently resides in Los Angeles where her training progresses. Her hands are full this summer as she works on a new film in Europe as well as several other projects to add to her workload. No sweat for Bean; she considers herself a triple treat and and it’s only a matter of time before others take note of the multi-talented star.