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Drea Kelly gives tips on seduction and overcoming body shame

Drea Kelly sways
Drea Kelly sways

Drea Kelly affirms women during Ladies’ Night Out event

“It’s how you control your body.”
“How you control how you stand.”
“How you control what you say.”

Drea Kelly commands on stage wearing a plunging black leotard, rosy fishnets and thigh-high boots. She’s speaking to more than 100 ladies and a few gents at Suite Lounge during her recent Ladies’ Night Out installation.

The reality TV star, modern dancer and mom, was in town teaching Atlanta scenesters the art of seduction.

“As women, we must control what we put out in the universe, what we put in our bodies, what we give to ourselves and what we take from ourselves,” she points out.

“We have a generation growing up without big mamas and aunties. They don’t know what it’s like to walk to a man, they know how to bust up in the club,” she demonstrates as she gallops and stomps her feet. The captive audience erupts into laughter. “You must arrive. Give ‘em body. Tall, short, big boobs, no boobs, hips … God gave me the body I am supposed to have. I am a professional dancer. When I got to the hip line, they were like sorry, we’re closed come back tomorrow. It’s the body I am supposed to have. I don’t know any ballerina or modern dancer with hips. Women we have to get back to the place of appreciating what God gave us. We are divinely made. There is one you.”

Drea Kelly and co-host Yvette Caslin (Photos by Robin Lori for Steed Media Service)
Drea Kelly and co-host Yvette Caslin (Photos by Robin Lori for Steed Media Service)

Kelly’s comments should serve as a reminder to women stricken with and who inflict body shame. From Kelly to Serena Williams and Misty Copeland to Sarah Baartman, black women find they are criticized for not appealing to European standards of beauty.

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“If God wants to make 50 Dreas, I am sure He knows how to make 50 Dreas. No. He says he wants some tall, short, kinky hair, straight hair, wavy hair, blue eyes, and dark eyes. You have to understand, my Father is creative. He is the One. When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror saying, ‘Ooh, I don’t like this. Ooh, I don’t like that.’ If God were standing next to you, would you look Him in the face and say ‘You made a mistake?’ He purposely gave you what you were supposed to have. The greatest gift you can give Him is to appreciate.”

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Co-hosts of the event included Atlanta socialites such as WeTV’s “Cutting It in the ATL” personality Beautii J, Steed Media Group’s Yvette Caslin, celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson, Bravo’s “Mother Funders” Amber Bryant, best-selling Author Mary B. Morrison, and others.

(Photos by Robin Lori for Steed Media Service)

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