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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 12 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot

Vh1 Screenshot

Kalenna has a falling out with Deb

Last week, Kalenna got Tony to release her from her contract with him so she could be managed by Deb. But this week she explains that Tony has convinced her that Deb may not be a good fit for her. So she decides to meet up with Deb to grill her about what she can do for her career. Kalenna explains to Deb that being her manager is a privilege and that she needs to explain what she can do for her. Deb is offended and tells Kalenna that her career is a mess and that, considering her financial struggles and stagnant music career, she’s too cocky to be speaking to her like that. Deb refuses to work with Kalenna and Kalenna walks out of the meeting with no manager.

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