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Are club promoters behind Chris Brown’s home invasion?

Photo Credit: Chris Brown's Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)

Photo credit: Chris Brown’s Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)

Earlier this week, rumors were flying that the culprits behind Chris Brown’s second home invasion may have been his close friends, whom many believe to be gang-related. But now a new report claims that it wasn’t Brown’s crew; club promoters might have orchestrated that crime.

As previously reported, Brown wasn’t at the San Fernando Valley home during the robbery, but his aunt was and she was held at gunpoint by the robbers and held hostage in a closet while they stole cash, electronics, and other items from his home.

After the arrest, reports claimed that it was reported that Brown’s mom believed it was Brown’s “no good-a– friends” who masterminded the crime. And that story was bolstered by a report from TMZ, in which law enforcement sources said that the robbers told Brown’s aunt that they knew exactly who they were robbing and that they asked her for the location of the safe in Brown’s home.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Brown usually doesn’t keep large amounts of money in his home, but he’d reportedly just received $50,000 for a recent club appearance. Law enforcement sources say that the robbers let it slip that they knew that Brown had $50,000 in his home, which is something only a few people, like a club promoter, would’ve known.

No arrests have been made yet and police are still investigating the crime, but we hope they do find the real culprits before they strike again at somebody else’s home.



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  1. kelly on July 17, 2015 at 9:21 am

    wow could be never thought bout them , they are the only ones who know his address and know how much money he got , so they paying cash? sounds like a tax break to me now the irs knows about that money chris brown need to move to a highrise with heavy security fancy elevators and all , he aint like other celebrities .. he is flashy and need to sit down omewhere before it gets worst