Messiah Equiano presents ‘Penis Monologues’ at DuSable Museum

Photo courtesy of Messiah Equiano

Messiah Equiano, a native Chicago son, is a playwright and is currently presenting his version of Penis Monologues. Rolling out had the privilege of speaking with Esquiano to see what makes him tick and to get his thoughts on relationships and honesty.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Messiah Equiano. I was born and raised in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. I attended Holy Trinity and Holy Family elementary schools that are located on the West Side. I then attended DeLaSalle High School and upon graduating from there, I ventured to Clark Atlanta University where I obtained my B.A. degree in mass communications with a concentration in radio, TV and film. Since 2009, I have written, produced and directed 6 stage plays, a feature documentary film, a short film and I’ve directed numerous stage plays, music videos and commercials. In my work, I address many of society’s topics of discussion in a riveting, soul-stirring and entertaining way.

What makes you unique?
As an artist, I’m not afraid of anything. I will address any topic, issue or circumstance within my work. I believe I’ve been blessed with a gift of being able to resonate to everyone with my work. I’m also well rounded. I use my own experiences as well as the experiences of others to reach the masses in a very relevant way. I think not only outside of the box but for me, there was never a box to think outside of to begin with. I compete with myself to make myself better, more diligent and more creative at all times.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
God, my family, other artists and my past work.

Photo courtesy of Messiah Equiano

Tell us about Penis Monologues.
The Penis Monologues originated in 2013 as an idea that could be the male response to The Vagina Monologues however I desired to do it in a way that would still give it it’s own uniqueness and style. In The Vagina Monologues, several women deliver monologues that deliver a glimpse into their experiences with their respective vaginas. The Penis Monologues takes a different approach. It displays the story of one man’s life in 7 year increments. We see him first as an embryo. We then see him at 7 years old and then at 14 and so on and so forth. The show is gut busting funny, sexy, informative and absolutely real! Since 2013, it has run 20 times to over 5,000 attendees between Chicago and Atlanta and more cities are on the way!

Why is it important to be honest as men when it comes to relationships?
There are so many broken people throughout the world. And they are broken because they once trusted someone who then hurt them. There is someone for everyone. Whatever your preferences are, there is someone who will agree and coincide with those preferences with you. With that, there’s no reason to be dishonest. Be honest and forthcoming about how you’re feeling and what you desire. No one deserves to be lied to and strung along. Life is too short and people deserve the chance to choose what they desire to be apart of. Men must carry the mantle on this and be shining examples.

Bonus question
What is the meaning of life?
To love and be loved and make love. And when you make love, you produce love, children.

The next performance of Penis Monologues will be July 25, 2015, at Dusable Museum. You can vind out more information by visiting the link


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