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Sandra Bland police dashcam video released

The Texas Department of Public Safety has recently released the police dashcam footage of the arrest of Sandra Bland. Bland was pulled over for failing to signal and was arrested and later found dead in a jail cell. The video shows the behavior and attitude of both Sandra Bland and Officer Brian Encinia. The physical violence toward Bland appears unnecessary and was explained by Encinia in his affidavit as necessary because Bland allegedly became combative “swung her elbows at him and kicked him in his right shin.”

Encinia asks Bland, “Are you OK? You seem very irritated.” To which Bland responds that she was irritated because she was pulled over for no reason. Encinia then tells Bland to put out her cigarette and becomes enraged that she would not put out her cigarette in her own car, and then tells her to step out of the car. When she refuses Encinia yells, “Get out of the car! I will light you up!”

Photo source: YouTube screenshot

Photo source: YouTube screenshot

The video clearly shows an out of control cop who did not like being challenged over the blatantly illegal arrest.  Bland is brutalized by the cop, who slams her head to the ground and when she states she has epilepsy, he responds, “Good. Good.”

The ticket was only supposed to be a warning, instead it resulted in her untimely death by hanging in a jail cell. The DA is treating her death as a murder, not a suicide.


  1. The Truth on July 22, 2015 at 10:54 am

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing…I will make sure not to go to Texas! That officer provoked Sandra, he first asked her was she upset and once she said she was, he went in on her…very unprofessional! Arrested for a traffic ticket? How crazy is that? He killed her from the blow to her head when he knocked her down to the ground…she had a seizer when they left her in that cell unattended for hours. She said she couldn’t hear, damage to the ears also, this poor woman loss her life, another senseless killing of a black woman…this officer should be in jail, dealing with some hard core men, so he can get his head banged on some concrete. He’s a “F” coward!

  2. kelly on July 23, 2015 at 10:36 am

    i try to be fair to police as much as i could cause they do have a hard job AND i understand they want to go home to their dear dam family at the end of the dam day .. BUT THIS IS FIRST DEGREE MURDER !!!!!! he had no right over a warning ticket to treat or talk to this citizen of the united states this way . if michelle obama saw this and She is woman , woulld she want someone to slame her her moma her daughters to the ground? just cause your haveing a bad dam day/?? he saw those new york tags and ablack female and racially profiled her for what he called changing lanes wrong LIER …. they always pulling over blacks on the enterstate for bullshit stop THATS WHY HALF THE BLACK MEN IN THE US OTHER THAN AFRICAN WILL DRIVE A CAR .. they drive cabs etc . for fear they will be profiled …. african american men most dont even have a car for this reason here ..
    he was gunning for action .. and with all that is going on you would think their dumb asse would move careful on handling black people period .. we aint asking for favorortism we asking for repect . just like if that wa a white woman aint no way he would drag her out ofthe car for a routine warning ticket
    fuckin please!!!! i lived in texas and the cops there are racist as hell , they are worst than new york cop 10x worst .. mississppi and alabama cops are dirty but texas got all 53 state beat on dirty low down cop activiity . .he need to get life in prison , so he want murder no one else a badge means you dont have to be prosecuted for nothing /? really obama ? really justice supreme courts? really congress ? while you worried about some soilders with disabilitie , pollution, you need to be dealing with this crisis called COPS OUT OF CONTROL ON A NATIONAL LEVEL THEY ALL GOT THE MEMO TO KILL AND WORRY BOUT RETIREMENT ONLY OR PAYED LEAVE THATS ALL THE PUNISHMENT YOU GET FOR CAUSING DEATH ? TO A CITIZEN? I CANT BREATH

  3. andalso on July 23, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    i am soooooo tired…. sooo tired…. sooo tired.. even though i don’t know these people that end up in the news, i am so affected by whats happening to them… makes you label an entire race as racist devils that walk the earth. wondering why the man above won’t take them from this earth.