What is a dandy? Here are 3 keys to epitomizing the style-savvy lifestyle

What is a dandy? Here are 3 keys to epitomizing the style-savvy lifestyle
photo courtesy of DANDY IN THE BRONX

“Dandy:” (n)
a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance

Do you think you’re a dandy?

Diego Leon is fashion blogger Dandy In the Bronx, and he has a checklist that he believes defines what it means to be a dandy. The New York City native is committed to spotlighting the fashion forward men of the Boogie Down, and here are his Three Keys For Being A Dandy:

  • FIT
    Everything has a certain fit to it. Everything is tailored. Everything fits. It’s made to measure. Even if you buy it off the rack, you take it to your local tailor to get it fit to your body. Everything is on-point. Nothing too baggy, nothing too loose—everything is a glove.
  • RISK
    Risk-taker. Willing to wear things that wouldn’t be conventional. Even wearing a bowtie —i t might get some people to say, ‘Is this guy trying too hard or something?’ But wearing the bowtie and owning it is everything. And being willing to try new patterns and new styles.
    Be a gentleman. Be down to earth and know that you’re not better than anyone else. This is a lifestyle that you chose to take. I dress this way but I’m not trying to be better than other people. People wear hoodies, people wear sneakers, people are comfortable in sweats or whatever. I feel comfortable wearing a jacket, loafers and hemmed pants.

Diego loves style and loving to look good is of the utmost importance. But he stresses that “looking good” starts with a certain sense of self and humility is a part of helping others find their style.

“I want people to ask me for help and ask for opinions and stuff,” Diego explains. “I don’t want to shoot people down. Whatever your style is — I want you to own it. If it’s wearing hoodies and a backwards cap, then you’d better own that hoodie and backwards cap!”

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