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Monica opens up about rift with Ciara

Photo Credit: Monica's Instagram (@monicabrown)

Photo credit: Monica’s Instagram (@monicabrown)

For month now, fans have been paying close attention to the ongoing beef between Ciara and her ex-fiancé, Future. But one beef that has gone under the radar is Ciara’s rift with her former singing pal Monica. However, Monica brought the rift to the forefront in a recent interview when she dispelled rumors about why she and Ciara aren’t on good terms.

In a recent interview with Streetz 94.5 Jazzy Mcbee radio show, Monica discussed the rumor that she and Ciara had a falling out because she failed to tell Ciara that Future was cheating on her during their relationship; however, Monica denies the rumors and says they have nothing to do with why she and Ciara aren’t close friends anymore.

“We were very close. My brother and her were childhood friends. I looked at her like a sister. At the end of the day, I don’t know how all these different stories got misconstrued and put out. I’ve read all kinds of stuff that is absolutely not true. She and I did have a disagreement. We both had issues with each other. When you have been friends for a long time, almost two decades, and you let things fester and you don’t talk about them, it can cause a breakdown that other people may not understand,” Monica said.

She added, “I love her. I’m not going to build somebody up to break them down, no matter what has taken place. And If I ever  did anything that hurt or bothered her it was never intentional because my love is always from a sincere place. I read something about I didn’t tell her about somebody cheating. None of that stuff is true. They say I was friends with somebody he cheated with, none of that is true. I am friends with one of the mothers of one of Future’s children. But it’s the mom you never see, you never hear, and that Ciara also has a good relationship with. So, a lot of the stuff you read is very untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him. We just should have spoken about different issues before it got to the point that it did.”

But that’s not all Monica had to say about her broken friendship with Ciara. Read what else she had to say, after the cut.

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