Anthony Pazos of ‘L.A. Hair’ reveals how he got his ‘Black card,’ and more

Photo courtesy: Anderson Group PR
Photo courtesy: Anderson Group PR

Since season one of WE tv’s “L.A. Hair,” Anthony Pazos has been stirring things up alongside Kimble Hair Studio boss lady Kim Kimble, as the team of celebrity hair stylists conquer the industry one famous head of tresses at a time.

When he isn’t being blunt and honest with a cast mate, Pazos is showing off his fun-loving personality that helps make the show so entertaining to watch. Any other time, you can find him whipping up wicked hairstyles for his clients.

Pazos is just as bubbly and genuine off-camera as he is on. We caught up with him as he waited patiently for Brandi Maxiell of “Basketball Wives L.A.” to arrive so he could work his magic on her mane. In the mean time, Pazos spilled secrets on which “L.A. Hair” cast member is the weakest link, how he really feels about Kim Kimble, and which A-list celebrity’s famous hairstyle is actually a wig.

You went to the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show this summer in Atlanta. How did you like it?

It was amazing. Bronner Bros. is so much fun. I was with the whole entire cast of “L.A. Hair.” The Southern hospitality out there is just amazing. We did a Q-and-A with Kim on the main stage, and then we did a trend and styling [segment]. There were fabulous wigs — green and purple and orange and a golden one and a silver one. It was really fabulous.

Is there anything challenging about being on a reality show?

Yeah, every single day, it’s like psychological warfare. That’s why I love my cast mates, although we have new cast mates coming in the mix. We have Johnathan Antin, who’s a celebrity hairstylist in Beverly Hills, and he’s successful in his own right. I don’t think he plays the game all that well on our television show. I think all of us have a better banter, even if we’re cussing each other out, we’ll be like, ‘it’s okay, I still love you.’

There’s a new cast member on there from Atlanta, right?

Yeah, Gocha Hawkins is one of our new cast mates, and I love her to death. She’s my girl; she’s my boo. She totally has my back. She’s a total fashionista. She definitely mixes it up with the cast a little bit.

What are some of your favorite hair trends right now?

I’m loving all the metallic colors we’re seeing now. The gray colors are really fabulous. I love that Kylie Jenner recently rocked a teal lace front wig — I loved every second of that. I love that wigs are now crossing over into the White community. It’s so hot, and I love that I’m all up in the mix being able to do that. Before, it wasn’t necessarily normal to have a White girl wearing a lace front, but now it’s fashionable, it’s hot. So I love that trend — beautiful colored wigs like gray, teal, lavender. Now the color mixtures of hair are just multidimensional.

I didn’t know that was a lace front on Kylie, I thought that was her hair!

Don’t tell anybody; that was a lace front!

I love that gray hair trend.

It’s here to stay. And essentially what it is, is actually bleaching the hair to get it as blonde as possible, and you’re essentially putting black hair color on top of it to make it gray, which is just crazy. But the look is so fabulous.

Who is your favorite celebrity to style and why?

I’m working with a lot of the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” right now. I’m doing Taylor-Ann Hasslehoff [David Hasselhoff’s daughter] right now, and I recently introduced lace fronts to her. I got to work with Mimi Faust [of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”]. And then recently, we were working with Draya Michele from “Basketball Wives L.A.” I’ve been working with Erica Mena from “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” I love her.

What would you say is the best part about working with Kim Kimble?

I love Kim. I think she’s a huge talent. It’s great, because I’ve totally broken into a new market and a new community. I am a White Hispanic mix [Peruvian, Bolivian and Mexican], and the African American community accepts me, and they’re loving [me]. I got my Black card, let it be known! We work with a lot of just truly fabulous African American celebrities, so it’s just opened me up to a lot more markets. I love it. I can do cornrows and lace fronts and make wigs now, it’s cool. I frickin’ love every second of it.

Visit Anthony Pazos’ website at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @AnthonyPazos.

Watch L.A. Hair Thursdays at 10 p.m. on WE tv.

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