DuSable Museum’s ‘Freedom Resistance’ exhibit tells story of Black people’s journey

DuSable Museum 2
Photo by Steed Media Service

The DuSable Museum has a phenomenal exhibit called “FREEDOM, RESISTANCE and The Journey Toward Equality.”

As part of the DuSable’s permanent collection, “FREEDOM, RESISTANCE …” is an example of how we’ve come to be the people we are. The artifacts illustrate our journey from slavery, and our progress as a people.

Included are images of President Obama and his family, the most contemporary example of the journey. It exemplifies Black pride. It was less than a decade ago that we cast our votes and proudly elected the first African American president of the United States.

The DuSable Museum highlights our accomplishments through the artistic approach that protest took through the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers were more than just a revolutionary group. It showcases the value of their service to the community.

There are even aspects of the attacks from outside the community, including government attacks, shootouts and the like. It is here that we feel connected to the community in a real sense.

Other artifacts include “colored-only” signs posted above water fountains. Remember there was a time when we weren’t welcome to drink out of the same water fountain as Whites?

There are so many artifacts in such a small space that showcase our progress, it seems instant to some but to those whose hair has been gray for over two decades, it points to the accomplishments and the trials that their eyes and soul have seen. It’s a must see. To experience this exhibit is a reminder that Black lives matter and it commands we move forward and remember exactly what it was to have a movement.

The spirit of “the movement” lies within this exhibit. It takes courage to have a social movement. Fire must be inside to accomplish new things. We commend the DuSable Museum for its effort to always captivate an audience with artistic ideas.

Making our lives matter is what freedom resistance and the journey toward equality is about. Make your life matter and go see the FREEDOM, RESISTANCE and The Journey Toward Equality.

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