Black lives matter and Blackamoores matter too

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Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status, and Origins by Onyeka is a 2013 book about the African population present in England during the Tudor period.

Blackamoores presents a Black leadership of the world that might fashion a new narrative for all of us African Americans and African descendants.

Confining our identity to that of a slave has been the aim of so many as it relates to understanding the very beginning of African presence in the world and in the history books. Author Onyeka has written a new narrative, giving to that identity a voice that is from kings.

The author takes us on a journey that explains the real facts of history. Over a quarter million pieces of research were used to create the work. Onyeka shared his journey as he prepared to go on a tour for the book. His goal was to add value to our lives by presenting a more diverse history. He hopes the book will add a new identity. That it will help people within the community challenge themselves and those outside of the community respect it.

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