ESPN columnist Israel Gutierrez comes out as gay

Photo Credit: Israel Gutierrez's Twitter (@IzGutierrez)
Photo Credit: Israel Gutierrez’s Twitter (@IzGutierrez)

On how Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas inspired him to come out

“Thomas] a Welsh rugby player who’d recently come out [in 2010] and went through so many of the same experiences I did. Mine weren’t as extreme as Thomas’, who spoke of scrubbing his thighs so violently after a gay experience that he’d make himself bleed out of guilt. He was a national sports icon in his country. His denial was so strong he married a woman, which unfortunately is a far more common an act than you’d think, and has spoken about how heartbreaking it was to tell his wife and eventually divorce her.

Thomas’ story was so compelling, and had so many similar notes to my own, it made me wonder how many young men and women are still having to go through this same existence. Hiding yourself from yourself.”

On the impact of meeting the love of his life in 2009.

“I was so concerned about fitting what other people thought I should be, I was literally wasting an entire segment of my life… Within two weeks, I’d come out to my sisters, then the rest of my family. Shortly after that, to my friends.”

On life with David

“So to finish off my personal story, David moved from Phoenix to South Florida in September 2009. We have two dogs, were engaged in February 2014, and despite never, ever envisioning myself having a wedding of any kind, will have a very traditional wedding very shortly. We decided to go the traditional route so we can celebrate with as many of the amazing people who’ve supported us and loved us over the years.”

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