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Underground rapper Shay Payso talks 2Pac, Biggie and Kanye West’s impact

Photo Courtesy: Shay Payso

Photo courtesy of Shay Payso

Shay Pay$o says she found her inspiration to do music by listening to 90s era music and hip-hop artists Biggie, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Nas and Lauryn Hill. “That was the music I was raised on,” she says. “I would describe my style as versatile I’m original an unique.”

A rapper, Shay Pay$o debuted her video for “Grind So I can Shine,” on YouTube earlier this year.

Read what she has to say about music, collaborations and social media.

What challenges have you had as a musician?
The challenges I faced as a musician is I don’t have a platform to be out there so I’m still underground.

Name three musicians who play a role in how you see music and why?
Three musicians who play a role in how I see music is Biggie because he’s the king with lyrics an swag. 2Pac who was a great storyteller inspirational an very consequence. Kanye West who is a dope producer and great lyricist.

What part of performing allows you to express yourself the most?
The part of performing that allows me to express myself. The most is the atmosphere I can create controlling the mic an crowd at the same time.

Which musical skills do you bring to the table like songwriting, playing instruments or producing etc.?
The musical skills I bring to the table is songwriting producing an professionalism.

How has social media helped you career?
Social media has helped my career as far as networking an building my fan base.

What three musicians would like to collaborate with soon?
The three musicians I would like to collaborate with soon would be Kanye West, Drake an Kendrick Lamar.

How has technology helped your music?
Technology has helped my music by useful recourses an helping me create.

When I am performing, I feel like…
I’m on top of the world I feel powerful inspired an pure joy.

Music makes me…
Complete its therapeutic.

Music is saying…
What words can’t describe emotions feelings thoughts all combined in one to create perfect harmony.

My video should make you fell…
motivated inspired an that real hip-hop is back.

Love song are for…
people to make deep connections an stay in tune with there souls.

Dance and club songs are important because…
There fun hype an social turn up atmosphere.

What have you learned about the music business that you wish you had known before you got started?
It’s mainly business not always talent.

Where do you see the music business headed?
Back to real hip-hop, the essence of it.

What drives you to be successful in the music business?
God, family and my love for hip-hop.

Where is your favorite place to create music?
In my mind and the studio.

What new artist music makes you say they would get my music?
Fetty Wap

If you could working with any producer who would you choose?
Kanye West

If could perform on any stage where would be and why?
It would be Madison Square Garden because it’s the Mecca, the heart of New York.

Follow Shay Pay$o on Twitter: shay_payso; Instagram ShayPayso_the_god and YouTube Shay Payso.