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‘Hit the Floor’ star Logan Browning gets casually sexy in new photo shoot

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Sometimes, the best things that happen go unplanned. That was the case when VH1 “Hit the Floor” star Logan Browning recently stepped in front of my camera for an impromptu photo shoot. We skipped the frills of most photo shoots, as Browning simply brought clothes from her travel bag, and styled her hair herself. We did, however, get a much-needed assist from talented makeup artist Kimaris Jones, so do look her up if you’re ever in need of a beautiful, natural face in the Atlanta, Georgia market.

As for me, I resisted the temptation to pull out an entire arsenal of lights. All I needed was a single light source, using a medium-sized Elinchrom softbox to shape the light. As a photographer, I’ve learned that less can be so much more. And with a beautiful canvas like Browning, I didn’t want to get in the way of what was already there.

In the future, I’ll be sharing more of the intimate, unreleased moments with some of your favorite stars who visit my studio. This just felt like the most logically beautiful place to begin.

So until, next time…

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