Here’s how an Atlanta motorcycle salesman landed a role in a new horror film

Photo source: Rusty Ewer
Photo source: Rusty Ewer

It’s not every day that an opportunity to star in a film falls into one’s lap. Rusty Ewer, who sells Harley-Davidson bikes, was actually lucky enough to have such an experience. Ewer is starring in the new chilling thriller, Jimmy: Did You Get One?

The film focuses on Jimmy, a man who was brainwashed by his murderous grandmother. For 20 years, Granny ordered him to bring her young and unsuspecting girls to torture. But when Jimmy presents her with a 9-year-old girl full of faith in God named Sara, her father’s determination to find her and bring her back home causes the unraveling of secrets and dysfunction surrounding Jimmy’s mysterious family.

Rusty Ewer plays Detective Lawrence, who’s been on the force for five years and is thrust into the kidnapping case that has spanned two decades.

Ewer had never acted before other than in high school. He met Jerry May, the creator of the film, and found himself with a role completely by chance.

“I was out picking up dinner for the family, and then Jerry Mays stopped me and he said ‘Hey, I wanted to ask if we can use your car for a movie.’ I brought it out to him, and he ended up using me as an extra, and it worked into becoming a character. I was pretty excited,” he explained.

Now that Ewer’s tasted a little of what it’s like to be an actor, he’s ready to use the film as a jump-start into more opportunities.

“I would absolutely do another movie. I’ve always loved acting. I had a blast doing this movie,” he said.

Jimmy: Did You Get One premieres on Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Atlanta’s Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema. The red carpet begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit

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