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Premiere of chilling thriller, ‘Jimmy: Did You Get One?’ sensational

Photo source: Steed Media Service

Photo source: Steed Media Service

The world premiere and DVD digital release of the chilling thriller, Jimmy: Did You Get One? was a huge success on the evening of Sept. 24. The stars of the film and the creator, Jerry May, their families, and even a reality star graced the red carpet at Atlanta’s Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema.

The movie follows Jimmy, a man who had been brainwashed by his ruthless grandmother for much of his life. For two decades, she forces Jimmy to bring little girls to her from the neighborhood so that she can torture them. But, when Jimmy captures a 13-year-old girl full of faith in God named Sara, her father’s determination to find her and bring her back home causes the unraveling of secrets and dysfunction surrounding Jimmy’s mysterious family.

Genesis from WE tv’s “Cutting It in the ATL” was spotted before the showing and was expecting for the film to really deliver.

“I’m expecting something really good, hopefully nothing that will make me cry,” she said. “I’m just expecting good acting.”

Eric Bart, who portrayed Jimmy, had high hopes about the movie’s success and said he hopes that he’ll be able to play Jimmy again in “a couple more sequels.”

May confirmed with rolling out that there is a part two of the film in the works that will delve more into the background of Jimmy and Granny’s twisted family. Stay tuned.

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View photos from the red carpet event below.