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Hollywood star’s sister, Joelena Tucker, discusses film, ‘Jimmy: Did You Get One?’

Jimmy: Did You Get One? is an amazing independent thriller with a fresh story and a talented cast. The film, created by newcomer Jerry May, premiered at the Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema on Thursday to a great response. Dexter Tucker, the brother of famed comedian Chris Tucker, stars in the film with his lovely wife, Joelena.

The Georgia-based movie follows Jimmy, a man who had been brainwashed by his ruthless grandmother for much of his life. For two decades, she forces Jimmy to bring little girls to her from the neighborhood so that they can be tortured. But when Jimmy captures a 13-year-old girl full of faith in God named Sara, her father’s determination to find her and bring her back home causes the unraveling of secrets and dysfunction surrounding Jimmy’s mysterious family.

Dexter portrays Sara’s dedicated father, while Joelena Tucker plays his caring wife and mother to the young protagonist. She tells us she was thrilled to have the opportunity to star beside her husband.

“I believe in Dexter Tucker and his ability to produce a quality film,” Joelena says of her husband, who also served as the executive producer and assistant director of the film. “As his wife, I know he would go hard for the movie, and also, I felt that I would be a great fit to play his wife and the mother of a teenager.”

Photo courtesy: Jerry May

Photo courtesy: Jerry May

Joelena isn’t new to show business. She was once a vocalist who was signed to Quincy Jones’ Qwest Records and was managed by Blackground Entertainment. She has also starred in various stage plays, but still managed to learn some new skills this time around.

“I learned that I can truly be better at [acting] with proper training and additional experience — I can cry on cue and I make ugly cry faces,” she says.

She also admits that there were some perks to playing her real-life husband’s other half.

“I got a chance to freestyle argue with my husband; that was fun!” she added.

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