Woman steals rare $9K dress and uploads photo of herself wearing it on Instagram

photo: Harris County Jail

If you choose to do the crime, you may want to find ways to keep it discrete. A woman in Houston, Texas committed a crime and felt the need to show it off to her social media followers.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Tashuana Green was a serial thief who had a knack for stealing high-end clothes from stores at Houston’s Galleria. In September, security noticed that a rare dress was missing from the Louis Vuitton store. The dress retailed for $9,400.

Days after the theft, employees at the store received a tip that the dress could be found. Green, 35, decided to post a picture of herself wearing the dress on her Instagram page. Authorities were notified and she was eventually arrested.

Since 2011, Green has faced theft charges of high-end merchandise. She was charged with stealing a $3K purse out of Chanel and stole two more purses, which totaled $5,250 one month later.

Green has since posted a $15K bond after being arrested on theft charges in relation to the Louis Vuitton dress.

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