Toya Wright and Memphitz to share their nasty divorce with the world


Although we haven’t seen or heard much from estranged couple Toya Wright and Memphitz over the course of the year, it appears that the former lovebirds plan to air their marital issues to the world. We’ve recently learned that the couple will appear on Bravo’s “Untying The Knot,” inviting viewers to take an intimate look inside their divorce. Talk about leaving yourself vulnerable.

Of course there’s a chance these two could plan to make amends, but considering how volatile their union became earlier this year, we’re bracing for the worst. In February, Wright detailed the pain following her separation from Memphitz exclusively to rolling out saying, “It’s tough because [MeMpHiTz] he’s like my best friend. It’s hurtful to see him going through everything he is going through. All I can do is really pray for him and this situation. I can’t just sit around and continue to be the blame for the way things have turned out to be.”

As you may recall, Wright and Memphitz’s relationship allegedly began to unravel after Wright declined to join “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” ripping away Memphitz’s platform to defend himself against rumors that he assaulted former “LHHATL” co-star and lover K. Michelle. It appears that Mickey “Memphitz” Wright has since blamed his wife for the state of his career.

“I’m just hoping this will just pass. I am hoping he can get back to being Mickey, and it’s like everything is tearing him down and all the rumors and slander changed him. Like he let’s this get him down and it has made him bitter. I’m like how can you let these people change you and get you down. He is not the type of person that typically ever let what people say get to him. If you really know him, you will know that he does not care what people think about anything! He don’t give a d—. He is going to do whatever or say whatever. He still loves his family he still treats us the same. It changed him in a sense that when it comes to the world now, when it comes to putting a certain image out there, he is a bitter person and he was always so nice and charming,” Wright said, adding she hopes to see her husband return to the man she fell in love with. Sadly, it appears the author and reality star’s wish wasn’t granted. But only time will tell.

“Untying The Knot” premieres Nov. 11 at 8/9c on Bravo. Will you be watching?

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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