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Reality TV » Dutchess of ‘Black Ink Crew’ dominates VH1 reunion show, goes too far?

Dutchess of ‘Black Ink Crew’ dominates VH1 reunion show, goes too far?

Dutchess of INk - photo courtesy of Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Dutchess of INk – photo courtesy of Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

It’s no secret that Dutchess of “Black Ink Crew” has no problem speaking up for a woman’s right to be respected by her man, especially if the subject matter is about her fiancé, Ceasar, the founder of Black Ink in Harlem. On the Oct. 20 episode, so much drama was taking place I’m actually baffled about where to begin this story. OK. I will take the Big Tigger approach and start with the first of several things to go wrong between Puma and Ceasar during the season. Puma threw a chicken wing on the floor after getting kicked out of the Black Ink party and Ceasar commenced to whippin Puma’s behind in the parking lot.

Some kind of way, this fight led to the demise of the relationship between Dutchess and Puma’s wife Quanie, whom Dutchess so graciously invited to Paris with her, a mistake she wishes she could reverse. I have no idea why Quanie decided she would use her platform on the reunion show to release untruths about Dutchess being a wh— and sleeping with Ceasar’s friends to get to the boss. This was the most ridiculous statement of the entire reunion show. Anyone who has watched the show from the first season knows how far removed from the truth this statement is. As a result, Dutchess tried her best to fight her way through securtiy in her evening gown to get to Quanie, who was next door in a safe place filming away from the crew.

It wouldn’t be very observant if I didn’t question why the reunion show was crammed into the Black Ink shop in Harlem and why VH1 thought it would be fancy to roll out a red carpet from the street to the tattoo parlor, announcing the arrivals while the infamous red cups awaited inside, turning the red carpet into an indoor backyard barbecue inside Black Ink. I’m baffled. Why VH1?

Ohst and Donna Photo Credit Jonell Mediapr via Steed Media

Ohst and Donna Photo Credit Jonell Mediapr via Steed Media

The dropped chicken wing also led to the demise of Puma and Ceasar’s relationship, which I truly believe was the beginning of everyone taking sides. Adding Sky and Donna to the cast has been quite interesting. With couples coming and going and this person sleeping with that person and having intercourse in the bathroom at the tattoo parlor, the question arises: when is it all too much? When does Ceasar put his foot down and either start kicking folks out or revamping restaffing the tattoo artists? This is worse than any messy hairdresser salon.

I believe Dutchess could probably answer that question better than anyone. She actually decided she could show us better than she could tell us when she packed her bags and went back home to North Carolina. Previously, she asked Ceasar to join her, even taking him to North Carolina to show him property and get him excited. Ceasar’s a real NY type of man and after interviewing him, I think it would be safe for me to say I believe Ceasar may just be fed up and give a change of scenery a chance. Dutchess pretty much cussed out all the producers of the show and put everyone on notice of her intentions against anyone who is bold enough to herald lies against her. In the last episodes, we witness Dutchess back in North Carolina minus Ceasar and opening her own tattoo shop. She even had customers already waiting.

Ceasar, I saw what you went through at the reunion show and I understand your point of view about the photo shoot and what happened in your mind was nothing because nothing sexual transpired. But, and you know there has to be a but, wouldn’t it have been easier to explain what took place exactly at the photoshoot so we wouldn’t have eye-witnessed a walking time bomb named Dutchess? She felt very betrayed and disrespected. In a sense, it was a photoshoot, and the term is called show business, but is there a thin line between show business and no funny business when you are in a relationship?

How many of you think Dutchess definitely overreacted and how many feel like she was justified and Ceasar was disrespectful? Based on your answers, I will be able to continue my next article on this subject matter.




  1. Guest on October 22, 2015 at 11:16 am

    The writer must be a friend of Dutchess’ to say that Quanie was lying about her sleeping around. The look on O’s face suggested otherwise. Also, Dutchess “graciously invited her to Paris” lol she immediately turned on her once they did arrive for absolutely no reason. I believe she invited her because Quanie graciously forgave her after Dutchess dogged her out and because she doesn’t have anyone else that wants to deal with her besides Sky. I really liked Dutchess in season one but something changed in her. Maybe she was just hiding who she really was.

  2. Sunni23 on October 22, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I also think there might have been some truth to what Quanie said as well because Dutchess had her big time guilty look on her face immediately afterwards that we’ve seen before when she’s been busted in other situations. The thing is that just like in the previous situations where she got caught, she turns it around, usually in anger, and unfortunately most of those in the mix get sidetracked. She knows how to get her way. Did she overreact? Of course she did because that’s what reality tv is all about and it also gave her the opportunity to make sure she was the victim in case anyone was still thinking about Quanie’s comment.

    I was visiting Harlem once after the 1st episode of the show and one day while on the way home, I see Ceasar & Dutchess come out of the shop & they looked as if they had been fighting. Dutchess was heading towards her car & Ceasar the opposite direction. I turned to look back and sure enough Ceasar turned around heading to the car looking like a puppy with his tail tucked between his legs. At that moment, I realized that this really is how they are. The street was quiet, there was no filming going on, but apparently the frequent fighting is real.

  3. April Deyarmond on October 24, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Well I say without a doubt Dutchess did not sleep with that man. Let’s not be haters and give the woman the respect she deserves. She is going to work hard to achieve her dreams and she isn’t so broken she’s going to let Ceasers ass cheat on her every other day and talk ignorant to her and all the things I wish many more women portrayed it’s rare now days to find a woman with morals values & class when we required lmao. When show first begun didn’t really care for her then as I watched and saw she’s straight forward hard working and not about to stand by a man that won’t stand by her woman she earned my respect. And pumas ole lady just jealous &envious don’t y’all see that to me it’s apparent. Dutch isn’t perfect but who is truly admire a hard working self contained dedicated kind of bitch it’s not a ride & for bitch letting some dirty man play her and run her self worth down to nothing. Come on ladies

  4. EDouble on October 24, 2015 at 6:00 am

    It’s one thing to say “she slept with EVERYBODY” but quite another to name names. Did you notice that Tigger never asked Dutchess or OSh*t to clarify Quani’s statement? Hmmm…

  5. Brooklyn Chef Danielle on October 25, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Dutchess has portrayed herself as very insecure. Yes Caesar did cheat but you can’t crucify him for the rest of his life. Either forgive him and move forward or don’t and move on. My opinion is she slept with O. His face and her actions was a dead giveaway. That “Holier than thou” attitude she has was blown apart by Quanie’s statement. This whole beef was blown out of control. Puma and Quanie made themselves more relevant than they really are.

  6. michaele mdm on October 25, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    Exactly. This article is biased beyond belief. Obviously, the writer is a friend of Dutchess’ or desperately wants to be. Womp, womp, try again and, this time, please do your job impartially.

  7. Camille Renell on October 25, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    That look that O and Dutch gave was priceless! And Dutch went off about sleeping with O but never addressed the faking a miscarriage comment. Ceasar lost me when he kept chasing this sneaky, lying, manipulative heffa around. To me she looks at Ceasar like hes beneath her due to education, family and resources. He better get his mind right and so should she. Im all for a strong woman but u don’t have to get down like that.

  8. Alicia Rogers on October 26, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    Don’t understand some some of these responses at all. Anyone who watches reality tv should know that these shows are edited to make viewers think “could this have happened” to keep people wanting to see more. Of course these are lies of Dutchess sleeping with “O”, its to keep th sh– going and everyone has a job for another season now. These looks (if you know anything about editing) were taking at different times during the shoot and placed together to get you thinking something happened. She clearly denies it and Ceasar doesn’t touch on it for a reason, it never happened. Quani and Puma (I put her name first because she is the man of the house) must stay relevant to the show so what other way then throw out bulsh–. No need Ceasar to get all puffed up over no sense and he is to be comended for that. Dutchess should have kept cool but I do understand what she is going through. The writer is not “biased or a friend” just smarter than the average reader. Think things through before you react.

  9. Freedom on October 29, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    I must admit that Ceaser did not appear to be surprised by the accusation of DUTCHESS and OSHIT sleeping together.

    Ceaser was more upset with DUTCHESS trying to fight Quani. I found that to be strange too.

    I think that there are a lot of hidden situation in DUTCHESS closet. She isn’t squeaky clean. That is the reason that she does not trust Cease. She can not be trusted herself.

    Don’t think Ceaser and DUTCHESS are a good match at all. I feel that she has been a negative influence in his life personally and professionally