Ceaser of ‘Black Ink Crew’ has reportedly been fired from the show

Ceaser Emanuel, who became a pop culture sensation after founding the Black Ink tattoo franchise that was turned into a popular reality show, has been fired for allegedly being captured on video beating his dogs, according to media reports. The neighbor who lives next door to Emanuel, who is known simply known by his first […]

Tattoo artist Kevin Laroy inks Los Angeles

Real Name: Kevin Laroy Twitter: @kevinthelaroy Instagram: @kevin.laroy Facebook: Kevin Laroy Tattoo Tattoo Venue: Kat Tat’s Enigma Tattoo in Beverly Hills City/State: Los Angeles Celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Laroy is making his mark at Kat Tat’s Enigma Tattoo in Los Angeles, which is owned by Katrina Jackson. He has come a long way from tattooing […]

Alexis Skyy, Just Brittany, Alexis Branch attend Ceaser’s ‘Black Ink’ party

“Black Ink” returns for season six and it’s starting off with big drama. Last night’s show was titled “Ceaser A.D. After Dutchess.” Even though Dutchess is no longer a part of “Black Ink Crew,” for some reason she just keeps surfacing. This time, she came for Sky by inviting her biological son to her tattoo […]

Ceaser talks expansion on ‘Black Ink Crew’

There were so many moving components on this week’s episode of “Black Ink Crew” I really don’t know where to start. Seems Ceaser just started to realize he was officially single and what that meant and now all of a sudden he started seeing the beauty that always was right before his eyes, in his […]

Karlie Redd and ‘Black Ink’s’ Ceaser claim they upgraded from their exes

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” premiered last week with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc as a couple who were giving it another try but we learned that the reality starlet has switched up her situation and is now dating Ceaser Emanuel, the CEO of the popular Black Ink tattoo shop and star of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” […]

Why is ‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Dutchess Lattimore currently heating up social media?

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” –Bryant McGill, thought leader A  pen dropped, and everyone in the room literally heard it. That was due to the deafening silence that enveloped the scene moments before “Black Ink Crew” star Crystana “Dutchess” Lattimore took the first photographs for […]

Dutchess of ‘Black Ink Crew’ dominates VH1 reunion show, goes too far?

It’s no secret that Dutchess of “Black Ink Crew” has no problem speaking up for a woman’s right to be respected by her man, especially if the subject matter is about her fiancé, Ceasar, the founder of Black Ink in Harlem. On the Oct. 20 episode, so much drama was taking place I’m actually baffled about where to […]

Woman claims Harlem tattoo parlor behind ‘Black Ink Crew’ left her disfigured

A South Carolina woman, Asabi Barner, claims that a Harlem tattoo parlor left her disfigured and for that, she is looking to collect. According the 30-year-old woman, she sought out VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” parlor not only for their huge following and frequent celebrity sightings, but because they advertise to be the best of the best […]

Will orange be the new black for 'Black Ink Crew's' Sky?

Everyone’s world went topsy turvy on Monday night’s episode of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” when we found out our “fly Sky” could be facing nine years in prison. Gasp! Somebody bring me two martinis — both dirty, with olives. The “Black Ink” trio — Teddy, Ceasar and Dutchess headed to Arizona to see what it […]

‘Black Ink Crew’: Did O’s jumpoff go too far with his fiancée?

O’S–t is a tattoo artist on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew,” the only Black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of Harlem, New York. For the past couple weeks O’S**t’s drug addiction has come to light and he has been given the ultimatum of a jail date at Riker’s Island or rehab. Everyone apparently knows about O’S**t’s […]

Ladies of ‘Black Ink Crew’ before and after their makeup makeovers

“Black Ink Crew” before and after their makeup makeovers The cast of “Black Ink Crew” is  back on VH1 and bringing with them a bevy of reconciliations, legal drama and breakups. On Monday nights viewers will not only see male cast members Caesar, Teddy, Puma, Oh S– and Walt grace their TV screen, they’ll also see […]

VH1’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ returns Monday; reasons to tune in

“Black Ink Crew” returns to VH1 Fans of VH1’s show about Harlem tattoo artists and the drummed up drama of their lives will be pleased to know that the show returning to television. “Black Ink Crew” will return for a third season on Monday, March 31 and with it comes a slew of tears and […]

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