Tastiest treats for the spookiest Halloween party

Photo courtesy of The Domestic Geek via Youtube screenshot
Photo courtesy of The Domestic Geek via Youtube screenshot

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be pondering which frighteningly delicious recipes to serve up for the party’s occasion. Look no further — these spooky treats are simple, creative, and fun to make for kids and adults of any age. These goodies are so tasty your guests would kill for the recipe.

Photo courtesy of Family Features
Photo courtesy of Family Features

Frankenstein Cake

Serves: 12
6 cups favorite cake recipe or mix
4 cups Wilton White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing (4.5-pound tub)
Wilton Color Right Performance Color System Wilton Black Icing Pouch with Tips
Wilton Large Candy Eyeballs

Wilton 6-by-3-inch Round Pan
Wilton 10-by-16-inch Cooling Grid
Cake plate
Wilton Cake Leveler
Wilton 13-inch Angled Spatula
Wilton 12-inch Disposable Decorating Bags

Prepare cake according to box instructions and make two layers using 6-inch round pans. Bake and cool on cooling grid.
Prepare Spring Green icing using this color tint formula from the Color Right Performance Color System: 4 cups icing + 30 Y + 6 B. Stack layers on cake plate for a two-layer cake, using leveler as needed. Ice cake sides smooth with green icing.
Use black pouch icing without tip to cover top of cake. Use tip of spatula to create spiral effect. Use black pouch icing with star tip to pipe pull-out bangs around top edge and two hair strands on cake top.
Prepare a disposable decorating bag with green icing; cut a hole in point of bag the size of tip 3. Attach candy eyeballs with dots of green icing. Pipe green eyelids.
Use black pouch icing with round tip to pipe dot nose and neck bolts, outline mouth and stitches.

Photo courtesy of Family Features
Photo courtesy of Family Features

Spook-tacular Fruit Cups with Bubbling Witches Brew

Prepare Bubbling Witches Brew:
To make 5 cups, freshly squeeze 3 1/2 cups mandarin orange juice and 1/2 cup lemon juice. Cover and chill.
When ready to serve, pour chilled juice into punch bowl or pitcher and stir in 1 cup chilled
sweet sparkling soda and ice cubes. Taste for sweetness.
Peel and slice mandarin oranges to make pinwheel shapes that resemble spider webs to garnish each drink. Use frozen red or black grapes as an additional optional garnish.

Prepare Fruit Cups:
Cut off top 1/5 of a fresh Chilean navel orange and use paring knife to separate fruit from inside of orange, being careful not to cut through peel. It’s not necessary to get all of the flesh out, just enough to fill with cut fruit.

Squeeze juice from removed fruit and add to Bubbling Witches Brew.
If necessary, shave small amount of peel off bottom so cups sit level, being careful not to create an opening in the base. Use paring
knife to carve faces, and fill each cup with orange pieces, melon balls, grapes and blueberries.

Photo courtesy of The Domestic Geek via Youtube screenshot
Photo courtesy of The Domestic Geek via Youtube screenshot

Mummy Cake Pops

22-25 chocolate sandwich cookies
4oz cream cheese
1 cup white chocolate candy melts (or white chocolate chips)
black decorating gel

In a food processor, pulse cookies until they become coarse crumbs.
Add cream cheese and pulse until mixture becomes combined. Remove blade.
Roll dough into 1 inch balls.
Place balls in freezer for about 30 minutes.
Using a double boiler over low heat, melt white chocolate until smooth.
Place a candy stick or straw into the centre of each ball.
Using the straw, roll the cake pop in the melted white chocolate until it’s evenly coating.
Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet and allow the coating to set fully.
Using a spoon or spatula, drizzle more white chocolate over set cake pops to create ‘mummuy lines’.
Allow to set completely.
Create spooky faces on each using black decorating gel.

Recipe by The Domestic Geek

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