Did Toya Wright allow Memphitz to sleep with other women?

Memphitz and Toya Wright/Bravo Screenshot
Memphitz and Toya Wright/Bravo screenshot

After four years together, Toya Wright and Memphitz decided to call it quits on their marriage earlier this year. Since then, we haven’t heard much in the news from the former couple, but that all changed this past weekend when they appeared together on Bravo’s divorce-themed series “Untying the Knot.” To the surprise of many fans, the couple revealed some shocking secrets about their marriage, including the fact that Memphitz was sometimes allowed to sleep with other women.

During the episode, Memphitz and Wright, who married in 2011, chronicled their marriage and explained that it was blissful until K. Michelle accused Memphitz of abusing her during their relationship. Although Memphitz denied it, he claims he was fired from his job over the allegations.

The allegations also affected their marriage because Memphitz claims that Wright refused to let him appear on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” to defend his name. He also claims that Wright wasn’t supportive enough during the tumultuous time, so he left her and Wright decided to file for divorce.

However, the most shocking revelation came when the pair sat down with a mediator and Memphitz was asked if he ever cheated on Wright.

“No, not without a hall pass,” Memphitz said. “She gives me eight days a year to do what I wanna do, no questions asked.”

“See, he don’t like rules,” Wright replied.

However, Memphitz refused to afford Wright the same sexual freedom in their marriage.

“She doesn’t need that. She’s a woman. She’s a girl,” he said.

To no one’s surprise, fans were shocked by Memphitz and Wright’s unconventional marriage. But the story didn’t end there because Wright reacted online to the episode. But she’s not the only one who had something to say. K. Michelle chimed in online as well. Read what the ladies had to say after the cut.

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