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Milan Christopher exposes details about Miles Brock’s alleged secret life, cheating

Milan Christopher/YouTube Screenshot

Milan Christopher/YouTube screenshot

Milan Christopher and Miles Brock went from being one of the most praised gay couples in reality TV to becoming major tabloid fodder as their relationship crashed and burned amid accusations from both men that the other was cheating and only interested in fame. Now, Milan has opened up again about his claims that Miles cheated on him and is sharing even more information about their nasty breakup.

In a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Milan blasted Miles and claimed that his ex-boyfriend lied about his past and about being on the down low.

“Miles has never been on the DL; he’s never been in a relationship with Amber. Amber is his best friend,” Milan claimed.

He continued, “Miles had been out for years. He was a bigger guy then. He lost weight. He recreated himself, started getting tattoos and became this masculine figure. When I met him, I thought he was this person.”

Milan explained more about Miles’ past and claimed, “He’s definitely had several relationships with several men prior to me. He used to go to [gay] balls and stuff.”

Milan then spoke about Amber and claimed that she was in on Miles’ alleged scheme to create a false image. He also spoke about the infamous scene in which Amber ran out of the room and fell to the ground, screaming for her mother after Miles came out to her on camera.

“That was his best friend. That was his storyline for the show … all of that s— was felonious. All of that was fake. What grown woman falls on the ground and says, ‘I want my mommy!’ ” Milan said.

But his accusations against Miles didn’t end there. Read what Milan had to say about Miles’ alleged infidelity after the cut.

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  1. FuZ on November 25, 2015 at 11:47 am

    TL;DNR. Well, I read a few sentences and couldn’t take it anymore. Most praised gay couple? More like most mocked, most ridiculed gay couple. A joke of a couple. And Miles becoming masculine? What was he before?

  2. lady j on November 25, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Messy mess! All for the love of money! Seek God!