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Oprah Winfrey invades Australia: 5 powerful quotes to live by



Last week, Oprah Winfrey made her way Down Under, as she arrived in Australia with her “Evening With Oprah” motivational speaking tour, where she’s been dropping knowledge on her adorning fans. While speaking to a sold-out crowd on Saturday, Dec. 12, at Allphones Arena in Sydney, the 61-year-old delivered a few aha! moments, while taking on topics such as sexism, confidence and listening to your gut.

So, before the respected talk-show host embarks on the next leg of her tour (for the first time ever) through New Zealand, we thought we’d take the opportunity to catch you up on some of her best quotes from her 2015 inspirational journey. And perhaps you too will experience an “aha moment” … just in time for the holidays.

Check it out below.

1. “Not everyone can be famous but everyone can be great. Greatness is determined by service.”

2. “You co-create your life based on the energy of your intention. This is so big. I don’t do anything that I don’t intend to do.”

3. “You are responsible for the energy you put into the world.”

4. “Whatever has happened to you was also happening for you. There is no one thing that has ever happened in your life that was wasted. You were building strength, and strength times strength times strength times strength equals power.”

5. “Because you were born, you are worthy!”

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