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Music » Rick Ross dating who?

Rick Ross dating who?


Photo Credit: Rick Ross' Instagram (@richforever)

Photo Credit: Rick Ross’ Instagram (@richforever)

Rick Ross and his on-again, off-again fiancée Lira Galore’s love life has been nothing short of a romantic rollercoaster, this year. And after breaking up and getting back together, it looks like the hip-hop couple might be over and that Ross has already moved on to another woman.

Yesterday, Lira went on a Twitter rant and hinted that she and Ross have broken up, once again, and that he’s been dating a college girl since the split.

Lira Galore - Ross Sideline Tweet 1

Lira Galore - Ross Sideline Tweet 2

Lira Galore - Ross Sideline Tweet 3

But Lira wasn’t alone in her rant. According to, her BFF @BeanieMinajj also got in on the shade and blasted the young girl, as well.

“She live in a dorm? ?????” she said in one tweet. “He needs to buy her a condo living in a dorm ain’t cutting it. Sign on the dotted line ! @_reezylove,” she said in another tweet.

Beanie Minajj - Sideline Tweet 1

Beanie Minajj - Sideline Tweet 2

But the story doesn’t end there. Read what the college girl herself had to say on the rumors and shade, after the cut.

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