Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen: Double standard?

Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media
Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen – Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Bill Cosby has been the hot topic of conversation ever since the first rape allegation hit the news. Finally, 50 women are breathing a small sigh of relief as a warrant was issued for Cosby’s arrest on Dec . 30. Cosby handled the news like a true professional when he turned himself in and bailed himself right out the door. Rolling out reported on the Internet going crazy all day. Does it seem strange that the highly acclaimed actor Charlie Sheen announced weeks ago that he in fact was HIV positive; and it was discovered women were coming out of the woodwork saying they had sexual relations with him but were unaware of his HIV status?

Did we miss something? HIV is an infectious virus that can spread to another individual through sexual intercourse. If someone infected another individual with a virus that has been marked incurable and for the most part a high percentage of the cases reported end in death; I would think this could be related to the term of “attempted murder,” especially if one intentionally had sexual relations with another and never informed them of the risk. Sheen doesn’t have a warrant for his arrest and basically has not been made the poster child for public ridicule nor had any of his previous accolades snatched away and his show is still in syndication.

It’s been reported that Sheen allegedly paid tens of millions of dollars to silence some of his victims once they learned of his HIV status. In fact, when former NBA turned mogul business owner Magic Johnson found out about Sheen’s HIV status, he offered support and wished him nothing but the best. Magic also suggested Sheen should team up with him to educate others about the disease.

Photo Credit: Twitter @Magicjohnson
Photo Credit: Twitter @Magicjohnson
@Magicjohnson Twitter - photo credit
@Magicjohnson Twitter – photo credit

I’m sure the women who slept with Sheen were not as supportive. Sheen admits in several interviews to paying off at least 10 women to preserve his privacy. In fact, as with Cosby there are a plethora of women coming out of the woodwork claiming to have had sex with Sheen during the time period he was HIV positive. Some of these women are even prostitutes. Sheen’s role as dad on “Two and a Half Men” didn’t have the impact that Cosby did as a great American dad on the “The Cosby Show.” However, Sheen was making a pretty hefty multimillion-dollar salary for his role.

America’s greatest daddy earned seven Grammy awards and three Emmy awards from 1965 to the 1980s. His Netflix special “Bill Cosby 77,” which was set to air after Thanksgiving has been snatched off the shelf. Cosby’s home studio at NBC also did not welcome the actor in reprising his role in a family sitcom, which was also set for production. His statue was removed from Disney’s theme park and the Smithsonian.

However, Sheen’s latest victim, porn star Elizabeth “Sara” Bentley claims to have slept with him as recently as one month ago and it appears she’s had more damaging effects to her life than Sheen. She has been blacklisted from the adult porn industry and dumped by her long time boyfriend. (Now what’s wrong with that picture?) Boyfriend dumps you because you had sex with Charlie Sheen (only because he was HIV positive) but not because of the porn star status or the fact that  …. you know what? That’s another story for another day. Bottom line is it seems Sheen is practically getting away with murder (no pun intended), while Bill Cosby has posted 1 million dollars in bail money to await his day in court in January.

Again I ask, double standard or do we just outright smell a rat? Something is just not right in this situation. Time will tell and hopefully reveal who Cosby really pissed off to receive all this backlash. I’m not condoning rape,  but the question remains, why is Cosby facing criminal charges, but Sheen is not?

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